Tarik Turković, director
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esign bureau T & E Ltd. was founded in 2013 and through the past period we have gained significant experience in the preparation of project documentation for building construction, industrial buildings as well as for reconstruction and repair of facilities.

Company currently employs seven full-time employees and several expert consultants. Our highly qualified engineers are educated in civil engineering, and with years of experience can solve the most demanding technical requirements of modern construction. The company has continuous growth and has a skilled team, high-quality, modern equipment, and software packages for design services.

The main activity is designing constructive phase of buildings, consulting and outsourcing for our business partners abroad.

Great attention is paid to the continued development of cooperation with several leading engineering firms in Germany. Thanks to this cooperation, our company has gained valuable experience in applying the latest scientific and practical methods in modern engineering.

The main office is located in a modern multi-purpose area in street Josipa Štadlera 11, Sarajevo.

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